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Jayme Frazier – PE/Health

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Class:  MWF 2:00-2:50 p.m.  CRN: 30687
Location:  Activity Center Room 132

Holidays: no school on January 19th and February 16th

Course Description:
This is a course that allows the student to evaluate the present status of the student's overall wellness.  The stages of a behavior change model will be discussed and evaluated throughout the term.  Information on heart health, exercise prescription, nutrition, stress management and psychological health will be provided.  This course provides the basic information necessary to assist an individual in the process of behavior change and/or the maintenance of a wellness-oriented lifestyle.

Course Objectives:
1.  Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of the wellness concept.  Students will apply this understanding to their lives as family members, community members, and members of a workforce.
2.  Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of a behavior change model that can be applied to any dimension of life.  Students will design a behavior change contract.
3.  Students will be able to list and describe risk factors for some of the most prevalent chronic diseases.
4.  Students will be able to design a fitness program based on their individual interests and needs.
5.  Students will understand general facts about consumerism in the areas of nutrition, stress and fitness information.
6.  Students will be able to design an effective diet, taking into account personal preferences and sound nutritional recommendations.
7.  Students will be able to identify and utilized several effective stress management techniques.

Text:  A Fit & Well Way of Life,  Robbins/ Powers/ Burgess , 2nd Edition


Grading Protocol:Points:
Midterm - objective60
Final - in class - objective50
Final - take home/subjective50
Pop quizzes (in class only)30
Homework lab packets 60
In-class labs30
In-class fitness / wellness assessments45
Cholesterol / glucosena
Competency: Fit prescription15
Competency: Nutrition component15
Competency: Behavior change packet15
Videos (3) must be present for pnts.15
Total - may vary slightly385

A.  In-class labs and fitness / wellness assessments:  There will be several in-class labs and fitness assessments.  Full credit will be received if students are in class to complete the assessment with the class.  Partial credit may be given if completed outside of class time.  See specific wellness activity sheet for labs and pages.
Please notify the instructor of any physical restrictions that may prevent you from participation in labs.  You will receive credit for your participation in the labs, not for your results.

B.  Homework lab packets:  There are several homework assignments that will be turned in.  These will be collected three different times throughout the term.  Please have these in this order and stapled all together in the upper left hand corner.  Each of the assignments is worth two-six points for a total of 20 for each packet.  The following is a list of pages to be turned in: Late packets may be worth partial credit.

Packet #1:  21,26,45-46,47-48, 239-240, 263-264
Date Due:   week 4     Jan. 26
Packet #2: 297-298, 299-300, 301-302, 303-304 
Date Due:    week 6    Feb. 11
Packet #3:  387-388, 335-336, 339-340, 341-343
Date Due:    week 9  March 4

C.  Videos:  There will be three videos throughout the term.  You need to be present to receive the five points for the video.  You will also be responsible for information from the videos.

D.  Quizzes:  There will be 2-3 pop quizzes throughout the term.  These will have questions pertaining to lecture, videos, and reading material.  No make-ups are allowed for the quizzes.

E.  Major Labs:  You will have the opportunity to receive baseline health information when you go to the wellness lab.  This lab will be completed during class time.  You will also have the opportunity to have your cholesterol and glucose levels measured.  You will sign up for a time at:  Be sure to make these early times - you have paid for this service.  The nutritional analysis will be performed across campus at the LRC.  You will be given one class session to complete this assignment.  The relaxation lab will be completed during one of the final days of the term.

F.  Competency: Students enrolled in PE 231 Lifetime Health & Fitness classes must demonstrate competency in the following three assignments: 1) Nutrition analysis / prescription  2) Exercise Prescription  3) Behavior change process.  Students will not pass this course without completing each of the above assignments.

GGrading:  Grading will be A-F option unless students specifically requests pass/no pass.  Passing grades will only be given for those attaining a 60% or better.  An "I" grade will only be given if a contract is written between instructor and student with compelling reason and reasonable communication has taken place well before final week of the term.  Student must have completed at least 75% of the work prior to "I" consideration.

H.  Extra Credit:  You may receive 2 points each for turning in the following completed handout sets from your text:  27-28, 49-50, 165-166, 205-206, 207-208, 265-266, 337-338.  There is a maximum of 14 points possible and any extra credit must be labeled and turned in to me by Friday of the 9th week. 

I.  Disability Services:  Students who need accommodations due to documented disabilities, or those who have medical information which the instructor should know, should speak with the instructor during the first week of class.  Please contact Disability Services at 917-4789.                   

Reading Assignments:

Week 1Chapt 1 & 2Introduction, Syllabus, What is
Wellness?, Behavior Change
Week 2Chapt 1 ,2,9Heart heath & risk factors of CVD
Week 3Chapt 9Heart, Assessing, developing, and
maintaining fitness, FITT prescript
Week 4Chapt 3-5Health-related fitness
Week 5Chapt 6-8Injuries, special consid. & back care
Week 6Chapt 11Midterm, Nutrition
Week 7Chapt 11 Nutrition
Week 8Chapt 11 & 12Nutrition and weight management
Week 9Chapt 12 and 10Healthy weight and Stress
Week 10Chapter 10 and review
Week 11Finals weekFinal; see final schedule
in catalog

Grading Scale:
90-100% = A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
60-69% = D
Below 60 = F
(a Y grade may be issued if student did not attend beyond the 2nd week)

Have a great term!





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