PE1851 Int/Adv Volleyball

Jayme Frazier – PE/Health

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Tuesday Thursday  2:00-3:20 p.m. in Activity Center 130E

Office Hours: AC 101 MW 10-11   TR 11:30-12:15              


Course Description:  This class is designed to enhance skills, techniques and strategies that lead to the enjoyment of volleyball in the pursuit of collegiate skill refinement and recreational benefits.  Prior volleyball team participation or class experience is required for the advanced level course.

Course Outcomes and Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students should be able to demonstrate the following:  consistent participation by completing at least 70% of class meeting hours, knowledge of the rules and / or strategies involved in volleyball. Students will discuss individual strengths and weaknesses and set goals for improvement.

Participation:  Class will start on the hour.  Please be on time to allow for proper warm-up time and attendance sign in.  Attitude and team participation is important and will be taken into consideration during the final grading process.  Remember, there are different skill abilities on the court.  A safety conscious attitude will be expected.  For the day class, you will be officially absent if you are not in class participating by 10 minutes after the hour.  (Please discuss prior w/ me any reasons for tardiness.)  Late attendance will have an effect on final grade as participation affects outcomes achievement.

Attendance/Make-ups:  No distinction is made between an excused and unexcused absence.  However, you should notify me when you anticipate an absence.  You are allowed to make-up classes by attending another LBCC activity class.  An activity classes of 40-45 minutes each will make up one class.  Day classes are allowed (3) hours of make-up.  

Clothing:  Please come ready to participate in court shoes and appropriate clothing.  You may also want to wear any equipment needed to prevent injury.  (Braces, knee pads, active ankle braces)

1)  Participation: 10 pts X 18 class                 180 points                             

2)  Sportsmanship/attitude                             30 points
3)  Pre/post assessment, goals, risk release    20 points
TOTAL:                                                         230 points

Notice that your grade will drop after missing three one-hour classes.  Participation is the key. 

Scale:  90-100% = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79% = C, 60-69% = D
*A-F option grading policy will be in affect if students attend after the first week of class.  Please drop the course immediately if you cannot attend.  I will drop students not attending in the first week.

Structure:  The class will be structured according to the skill development of the students.  The instructor reserves the right to place people on teams.  This will allow for competitive levels or preparation for collegiate or advanced recreational competition.  Instructor may also ask students to take prerequisite course prior to advanced level course due to safety concerns.

Other:  Please speak to me about any injuries that may affect your participation.  If you injure yourself in this class, please speak with me immediately as we may need to fill out an accident report or see a trainer.  Please wear appropriate volleyball attire including braces and knee pads.

CFAR Statement:

Students who may need accommodations due to documented disabilities, or who have medical information which the instructor should know, or who need special arrangements in an emergency, should speak with the instructor during the first week of class. If you believe you may need accommodations, but are not yet registered with CFAR, please go to for steps on how to apply for services or call 541-917-4789.

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