PE185 Advance Volleyball

Jayme Frazier – PE/Health

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You will be receiving a grade from this class.  The following information will be important for that purpose. This is an 8 week class ending Tuesday May 21st. Spring season is 6 weeks starting Tuesday April 2nd and ending Saturday May 12, 2018. Alumni tourn is May 18th and last class is May 21st.

Grading Protocol:  90% = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79% = C, 60-69% = D

- show up on time daily - start at 4:00 set up court, done by 5:45 

- if you must miss a day, let me know personally in advance of absence

- check your work ethic and attitude daily


Course Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: 1.  recognize and describe the importance of of consistent and effective participation 2.  demonstrate knowledge of the strategies and effort involved in competitive volleyball 3.  analyze their strengths and weaknesses and set goals for improvement.

Point distribution:
 -12 class days X 10 pts = 120 points + 15 (points for three tournaments) 

- goal sheet / liability     = 10 points

 -physical assessments =  10 points   (1 time in mid term)

TOTAL                          = 155 points

There will be no class: Our last class will be May 21st.  We will not have class Tuesday April 23rd

The following components will be included this spring:
1.  skill development; individual and team
2.  drills, individual and team
3.  plyometrics; box and sand
4.  speed/quickness; court and track
5.  distance - for mental and aerobic capacities (I will give you dates for these)


Tentative Daily Schedule:
4:00-4:15  warm-up
4:15-4:30  ball handling; individual or team
4:30-5:00  skill development
5:00-5:45  team drills / scrimmage etc.


* Spring season will last from April 2nd to Saturday May 12, 2019.  There will be (2) tournaments during this time during this 6 week NWAC spring season.  We will have an additional alumni tournament on the 18th of May.  You must be registered for this class or other qualifying course in order to participate in tournaments.  Tournament participation will be decided by coach / instructor.  This class officially lasts 8 weeks. 

Tournament dates  April 11 at Concordia - leave 12:45 return 8:45 pm.  April 18 at LB start at 3, end at 8 pm.,  May 18 alumni tournament starts at approx. 9 am - ends approx 2-3 pm.   Last class day is Tuesday May 21st.

Other dates:  Athletics Dinner Tuesday June 11th at 5:15, Graduation Thursday June 13th at LinnCo Fairgrounds

CFAR Statement:

LBCC is committed to inclusiveness and equal access to higher education. If you have approved accommodations through the Center for Accessibility Resources (CFAR) and would like to use your accommodations in the class, please talk to your instructor as soon as possible to discuss your needs. If you believe you may need accommodations but are not yet registered with CFAR, please visit the CFAR Website for steps on how to apply for services or call (541) 917-4789


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