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Introduction to Braking Systems

Course Syllabus for Winter 2014       

Daily Lab Report  (please complete this each day you are in class)

Take the Second Big Test

Take this test before next Monday Feb 24th.  You can-should look up answers!
Answers are in your textbook - Written Assignments and Online Learning and Help

Online Learning and help
(classroom presentations and answers to all test questions) 

Written Assignments Assignment #1, through #7  are ready for you to work on.

Take your First Big Test

 Take the Hydraulic Brake System Service Quiz

 Take the Brake Drum Micrometer and Fasteners Quiz.

  Take the Basic Brakes & Safety Quiz .

Lab Assignments


Link to Metric Conversion Chart



How to Read a Micrometer     Practice with Micrometer

Acrobat Reader - Required for your computer to complete assignments

Onine Moodle Testing - Make up Testing


If you wear glasses here are Good Safety Side Shields

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