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Homework and Lab Grading

AU3.316 Home Page 

Collaboration between all students is encouraged.  

Most homework, NATEF labs, or ASE style tests can be completed with one other student.  Both students will earn the the same grade for that activity.
Homework Assignments with Due Dates 
All homework assignments are due 8:00 A.M. on the date indicated
Late homework will be penalized 10%  
Assignment over one week late it will not be graded.
I will give you feedback and you will still learn from your work.
Any homework assignment can be revised once to improve that score and improve your learning!  Revisions are due within one week of the assigned date.

Talking to Phil Krolick can eliminate these penalties if done prior to the due date.
NATEF Lab Activities 

A maximum of 2 students may complete the same NATEF activity for grade credit.

ALL NATEF lab activities must be demonstrated to the instructor.

NATEF Lab Activities do not have a due date however all instructor signatures must be complete to earn credit.  
NATEF Lab Activity documents must be submitted within one day of when the lab was completed to earn credit.  
Students submitting lab documents more than one day after completion must re-demonstrate procedures in the lab to receive credit.


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