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Jeannie Mayjor – PE/Health

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Office Location:  AC102

Office Phone:  (541) 917-4235 (Messages only)

Office Hours:  By appointment


Jeannie is a part-time faculty member for the Health & Human Performance Department.  She is currently teaching 2 sections of PE231 Lifetime Health & Fitness, both on Tuesday and Thursdays, one at 8:30 AM and the other at 4 PM.  



PE231 Lifetime Health & Fitness  Fall term, 2018 Syllabus for both AM and PM classes.

Instructor: Jeannie Mayjor Office Phone: 917-4235 (message only)

Office Hours: By appointment T/TH 8:30am and T/TH 4 PM classes


Course Description:

Evaluates selected areas of the student’s present health and fitness level.  Provides information on each of the wellness dimensions as they relate to physical fitness, back care, chronic diseases, stress management, nutrition, weight management, behavior change and lifestyle choices.  Considers work-life balance and self-responsibility. Shows the student how to enter the work site as a fit and healthy individual and suggests ways to maintain that level of health. Placement in Writing 90 or higher.  Students must be willing to use (not necessarily own) a computer.

Upon completion of the course with a "C" or better, the student should be able to meet the following course outcomes:

  1. Define wellness and describe its dimensions.
  2. Define individual comprehensive programs for physical fitness, nutrition and stress management.
  3. Demonstrate the process for behavior change using the transtheoretical model.
  4. Evaluate or assess key indicators of health and fitness such as blood pressure, body composition, blood lipids, blood glucose, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength/endurance and flexibility.


Grading:  Point total = Approximately 235

5 Core Assignments 42%/100 points (total of four).

In-class assignments  9%/20 points.

Take-home final      13%/30 points

Assessment Labs: 19%/45 points.

Some labs may be made up if missed. Individuals may be excused from participation if the student or the instructor has legitimate concerns about the student’s ability to complete that lab. Make arrangements to be excused with the instructor prior to the lab.

Homework (three or four assignments):  9%/20 points

Attendance:  9%/20 points.

Students attending all classes during the term will be given full attendance credit. After one missed class, 1 point will be deducted for each absence. If students arrive when class is half over, or leave when there is half a class to go, then they’ll be given half credit for attendance that day.  Please inform instructor if there are attendance concerns beyond your control.

Students may earn the following grades in this class:

90-100% A

80-89.9% B

70-79.9% C

60-69.9% D

Less than 60% F

P/NP — For students who specifically request Pass/No Pass grading, a “P” grade can be issued when they earn more than 70% of the possible points for the class.

The I grade (Incomplete) may be assigned at the instructor’s discretion when: the student has completed 75% or more of the work in the course but is unable to finish the remaining work due to circumstances beyond the control of the student.  An incomplete is not used to avoid a failing grade. A contract between the student and instructor must be signed to use this option.

Approximate Course Outline: Subject to change at instructor’s discretion.

Week 1: Course introduction. Dimensions of wellness. SMART goals.

Self-intro homework due.

    Week 2: Heart Health: risk factors. Reading for heart health to be announced. Term Goal due.

Week 3: Heart health continued. Cholesterol/Triglyceride/Glucose screen - in Activities building, room AC130 (or TBA), between 6:30-9:00 AM, Wednesday, Oct. 10th.  We will have class as usual on Tuesday and Thursday.

Week 4: Completion of heart health. Prepare for fitness section, reading to be announced.

Week 5: Physical fitness, exercise prescriptions, flexibility, body composition. Heart Health assignment due.

Week 6: Completion of fitness. Prepare for nutrition section, reading to be announced. Goal Update homework due.

Week 7: Nutrition Covered.  Exercise Prescription assignment due.

Week 8: Completion of nutrition.  Prepare for stress management section, reading to be announced.

Week 9: Stress Management: the physiology of the stress response and symptoms of stress.  Nutrition assignment due. No class on Thursday for Thanksgiving break.

Week 10: Completion of stress management,  Last week of class.

Final exam week: Take home final due on or before Tuesday, Dec. 4th.

For T/TH 8:30 AM class, turn in between 8am and 9:20am in our classroom (or on Moodle), no in-class final exam. For T/TH 4 PM class, turn in between 4 and 5:30 pm in our classroom (or on Moodle), no in-class final exam.

Request for Special Needs or Accommodations

Direct questions about or requests for special needs or accommodations to the LBCC Disability Coordinator, RCH-105, 6500 Pacific Blvd. SW, Albany, Oregon 97321, Phone 541-917-4789 or via Oregon Telecommunications Relay TTD at 1-800-735-2900 or 1-800-735-1232. Make sign language interpreting or real-time transcribing requests 2-4 weeks in advance. Make all other requests at least 72 hours prior to the event. LBCC will make every effort to honor requests. LBCC is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

LBCC Comprehensive Statement of Nondiscrimination

LBCC prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, ethnicity, use of native language, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, marital status, disability, veteran status, age, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws. For further information see Board Policy P1015 in our Board Policies and Administrative Rules. Title II, IX, & Section 504: Scott Rolen, CC-108, 541-917-4425; Lynne Cox, T-107B, 541-917-4806, LBCC, Albany, Oregon.  To report:



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