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The following are SAMPLE journal entries:


Today my partner and I assessed the training level of our project horse.  We noted our horse did not stand quietly or drop it's head when putting on the halter.  We asked our horse to lead at the walk and trot from the left and right sides and found it did fine until it was asked  to trot from the off side.  Next we picked up feet.  Our horse picked up both front feet nicely and quick.  The horse was slow to pick up the left hind and fought when we tried to pick up the right hind foot.  We sacked our horse with hands, brushes, and splint boots.  After we had the splint boots on we took our horse to the round pen and rounded penned him for a few minutes.  He will need some work going to the right at the lope.  We went back to sacking with the saddle blanket, grain bag, cans, saddle pad, and ended up saddling the horse because it was not concerned with any of the items we used.  We walked him around tacked up and he was fine.


Today we worked on haltering our horse.  We asked him to lower his head about 5 or 6 times before we saw some progress, we accepted this and moved on to working with his hind feet.  He was bad at picking up his left hind today.  He just stood on the leg until we pushed him off balance a little bit.  The right foot was better, but he wouldn't hold it up on his own.  We worked on getting him to hold his foot up by himself by telling him no and not letting him put his foot on the ground but not holding him up.

We rode our project horse for the 1st time today. We started off by seeing how he responded to pressure in the stirup and put weight in the saddle with our hands.  We put the bridle on him today and he takes the bit okay but wouldn't put his head down.  We did a quick sacking with a rope and long line before we drove him to see how well he responded to the reins.  He seemed light and comfortable with rein pressure.  We round penned him for about 5 mins. and then mounted him in the round pen.  We discovered that he thinks he's suppose to go as soon as you're in the saddle.  We told him whoa and hdidn't seem to even know what the word was, we had to turn him into the rail to get him to stop.  We dismounted and worked on 'whoa' from the ground for a minute or two.  When we got back on he did the same thing as before.  We turned him in to the rail every time he didn't stop.  We worked on stopping and mounting several times and were out of time.

Our goal for next week is to work on standing still and keeping his head low when he is being haltered, re-enforce keeping his head down when bridling, picking up all four feet quietly and holding them up for a longer periods of time, help him understand that 'whoa' means STOP, and not to walk off when mounted until he is asked to move.  We will also work on having him trot in hand on the off side.

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