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Kylene Tyler – Mathematics

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Week of 1/9/17

Section 1.1 (fresh pdf) 

Section 1.2 (fresh pdf) ICA Key

Section 1.3 (fresh pdf)

Section 2.1part 1 (fresh pdf)

Week of 1/17/17

Finish Section 2.1

Section 2.2 (fresh pdf)

Section 2.3 (fresh pdf)

Section 3.1 (fresh pdf)

Week of 1/23/17

More 3.1 (ICA Solutions)

Section 3.2 (fresh pdf)

Section 3.3 (fresh pdf)

Section 3.3 (cont) (fresh pdf) (ICA Solutions pg 2) (pg 1)

Week of 1/30/17

Review Day!

Test 1

Section 3.4 (fresh pdf)

Section 4.1 (fresh pdf)

Week of 2/6/17 

Section 4.2 (fresh pdf)

Section 4.3 (fresh pdf)

Section 4.5 (fresh pdf)

Week of 2/13/17

Section 4.8 (fresh pdf)

Section 5.1 and 5.2 (fresh pdf) (Are the sample variance and the sample proportion unbiased?)

Section 5.3 (fresh pdf)  Why (X+2)/(n+4)?

Week of 2/20/17

Section 5.4 (fresh pdf)

Section 6.1 and 6.2 (fresh pdf)

Week of 2/27/17


Section 6.3 and 6.4 (fresh pdf)


Review Day!

Week of 3/6/17

Exam 2 

Section 6.5 (fresh pdf) Video for doing Chi-sq tests of independence with the TI-84

Section 6.6 (fresh pdf)

Section 7.1 and 7.2 (fresh pdf)

Section 7.5 ICA *fun fact, I had written this ICA last year when I had gotten my wisdom teeth pulled and couldn't talk much yet. I'd like to think I'll be much more helpful tomorrow in guiding you through it than I was last year!

Section 9.1 (fresh pdf)

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