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GS106 (General Science) is an introductory course focusing on Earth Sciences. This course covers introductory geology, oceanography, atmospheric sciences, and astronomy. 

My academic training is in geology. I have a BS from Oregon State University (Geology) and an MS from San Diego State University (Geological Sciences). My graduate thesis work (under Dr. David Kimbrough) focused on the Table Mountain formation near Jacumba, California. The work focused on the timing of deposition and regional geologic history of the fluvial system which laid down the formation as well as what occurred after its formation. Other work I participated in at the graduate school level included advanced structural geology, 3-D seismic interpretation, low temperature aqueous geochemistry, and geomorphology. 

I have been teaching this course for 3 years as of Spring 2020. Other courses that I have been an instructor for include Geology Labs, Historical Geology and Physical Geology. I have been an instructor at SDSU, Lane Community College, and currently LBCC. I teach primarily at the Benton Center but have taught at the Lebanon Center and Albany campus in prior terms. My office is located at the Benton Center. 

I am offering a field course to Death Valley during spring break of 2020 though LCC and am working with Community Education at LBCC to offer non-credit courses in the greater Corvallis/Albany and Oregon area starting as soon as September of 2020.

Please contact me if you are interested in either of these courses, or have questions regarding GS106 course material! 

I can be reached at 

Best regards, 

K. Sean Daniels


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