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Microsoft Office Online Courses

Getting Started 

How do I begin my course work? 
An e-mail will be sent to your LBCC Gmail account sometime during couple days of the term.

If you don't receive an e-mail with access code information by the end of the first week, please e-mail your instructor and ask for the "getting started" e-mail. 

How do these online courses work?
All course work is completed on your own time. There is no class meeting but there are assignment deadlines throughout the term. All completed assignments are e-mailed to your instructor. All courses are online.

You are required to have access to Microsoft Office 2013 and the Internet. Most LBCC computer labs have MS Office 2013 available for students to use. 

What if I want to start these classes after the term begins?
Please e-mail your instructor to discuss registering for a class after the term begins. If there is still room in the course(s) you would like to register for, permission to register can be given electronically. There is no need to locate your instructor for a signature. These classes run for 8 weeks during the Summer term, starting late may not be approved by the instructor.

Where do I get my textbook(s)?
There is a textbook for each class--Labyrinth is the publisher.  The textbooks can be purchased at the Albany, Benton, or Lebanon Center campus bookstores.  IF you are taking 2 or more levels of the same class (EX:  Word or Excel) the campus bookstore would be glad to order one comprehensive book which has all 3 levels in it which would be less expensive.  This special order may take a 1-2 weeks, though.

Textbook information

How long do these courses take?
Each course is 1 credit each. Please plan about 20-30 hours to finish each course.  It is important to plan your time in advance in order to complete all of your assignments on time.  These courses are designed to be completed on your own time, on your own computer or at a computer in any LBCC computer lab on any campus.

How do I turn in my assignments?
Required assignments will be e-mailed to the instructor (please refer to course syllabus for specific directions). E-mail is preferred and is the safest way to ensure your assignments will be received by the instructor. If you have concerns about submitting your assignments by e-mail, please contact the instructor. It is required that you meet assignment deadlines through out the term. You are not required to print any of your assignments. However, if you work in any LBCC computer lab and want to print anything out you there is a $.05 charge per page.

What if I need help with my course work?
Your instructor, Jan West, is available to assist you at any time during the course. Appointments or phone contact can be arranged. You can of course e-mail anytime.


How will I be graded?
These courses are Pass/No Pass. To earn a Pass, you must turn in assignments in a satisfactory manner. This includes meeting all deadlines set by the instructor.


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