Contact Information
541-917-4848 or 4806/Vickie
Office: Takena Hall, Office 107B (behind Registration)
Office Hours:
Mon. By appointment, call 541-917-4806
Tue. By appointment, call 541-917-4806
Wed. By appointment, call 541-917-4806
Thur. By appointment, call 541-917-4806
Fri. By appointment, call 541-917-4806

Lynne Cox – Developmental Studies

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Lynne Cox is the Associate Dean, Student Affairs.  Her office is in Takena Hall, behind Registration, Admissions, and the Roadrunner Express lab at Takena-107 B.  To see Lynne, please call 541-917-4806 or drop in to her assistant Vickie Keith to make your appointment.  In an emergency, try Lynne at 541-917-4848 during 9-5, M-F.  Lynne will also be available to students in her Destination Graduation course after class for a window of at least 30 minutes each week (from 4:50 - 5:20 pm) at the classroom or nearby.

Have a great term!  See you in the future.

Lynne Cox:, Associate Dean Student Affairs/Takena Hall 107B

Destination Graduation Course, CRN 24601:  Fall 2017,  Mondays 4-4:50 PM, NSH-208

Fall 2017 Destination Graduation Syllabus (Word document; Accessible for Screen Readers) or Syllabus as Google Document

New Assignments:  Assignments on the Syllabus handed out Day 1 will not be re-posted here. Any new assignments added after Day 1 will be posted here and updated on the syllabus. 

For Class on Monday, Sept. 25:  Career Speaker has posted her agenda and a homework assignment that will be due the following Monday, October 2.  See below under CLASS Notes for Sept. 25 for both items if you like to plan ahead.

Sept. 25:  New Assignment, Due Oct 2 (See Bottom of Page) in Google, or in Word

October 2-16:  New Assignments, Due Oct 9 & October 16 in Google or in Word 

October 16, 2017:  Class Cancelled.  Here is NEW HOMEWORK in Word or in Google Doc due October 23.  No late work will be accepted this week.  We have guests.  Your homework will prepare you for our guests.  Come & make this time rich and valuable. 

Assignment Added for Coming Soon!

Posted on 10/27/2017 by Dr. Cox: 
If you owe me a lot of homework for Destination Graduation, you probably received an email from me yesterday with a list.  Please know you must have submitted at least 70% of all work to a satisfactory standard and must attend 80% of all classes to pass this DG class.  I alerted those of you who are behind in these goals.  You will need this email to complete the term successfully.

Final Assignments:

Due by October 30, 2017:  Overdue Homework.  Read all Chapters from 1-8.  Come to class for guest speaker interactions.  Engage in class!
Due by November 6:  Before class this date, you must complete CASH COURSE in Chapter 8.  You will need the directions below in this email to complete Cash Course.  The directions in your Course Book are out-of-date (sorry).  Submit the homework in Cash Course described in Step 3:

Due by November 13:  Read Chapter 10 before class.  Turn in your Education Plan, signed by your advisor.  This is evidence that you 1) met with your advisor; 2) created a plan for future terms to move you toward your degree and career goals; and 3) are ready to register for next term.  It must have your advisor's signature.  Be careful.  A forged advisor signature is easy to discover and is grounds for charges of academic dishonesty and cheating.  Have integrity.  Go see your advisor; they are your best advocate.  If your advisor is fully booked to the first week of December, ask to see someone else in the Advising Center.  You cannot pass DG without this assignment turned in with a valid advisor's signature.

Due by November 20:  Do Final Assignment, Page 82 and turn in at class.  Come prepared to discuss.  Don't forget to register for next term.  If for any reason you are considering not attending next term, discuss this with your advisor or me, please!  Students do sometimes take a term off or take a break or make a new plan, but we would like to understand why and help you make a successful transition.

Due by November 27:  Make sure all work is submitted by this date.  If you got behind in any assignment, this is the last chance to submit it at class on November 27.  Surprise lesson and activity on this day.  End of Term.

Class Notes:

September 20, 2017  -- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208:  We read and discussed course syllabus.  Each student wrote WHY Go to college?  Why am I going to college?  What are my benefits and motivations?  What do people gain from a college education? We discussed attending every class and emailing the instructor before class if you will be absent.  We discussed that we will attend 8 of 10 classes, as a minimum.  The syllabus is posted above as a link.  The instructor will email us at our LBCC email page (and we check our email three times a week minimum).  The instructor can give us access to the Student Course Book electronically and the syllabus electronically (see above). We are responsible to study about two hours for every hour in class.  See syllabus for homework.  Do the tour on pages 9-10 to turn in; do the Webrunner homework activity to turn in; and read about careers and try to do the first career page before our career guest speaker at the next class.  Be on time!

September 25, 2017-- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208

Class Agenda/Powerpoint Career Speaker: Sandra Shinkle 9/25/2017 [Word]

Class Agenda/Powerpoint [in Google Docs] Career Speaker: Sandra Shinkle 9/25/2017

Homework/Careers & LBCC Programs:  Due October 2, 2017 in Word  or Google Doc

Class Career Speaker: Sandra Shinkle 9/25/2017:  Class Notes [Google]

                                                       Class Notes in Word for 9/25/2017

October 2, 2017-- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208:  Class Notes in Google or Word

October 9, 2017-- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208 -- No Notes.

October 16, 2017-- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208 -- No Notes.

October 23, 2017-- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208 Class Notes: 


Sneak peek into next week: Hosanna Broderick, Accessible Technology Specialist, will be showing us how to find online resources to help with our school work, or other things.

Student Leadership Council (SLC), have the resources and connections to make your concerns heard. They want to hear from you and your situation, so they can help improve student life.

First we were introduced to Barb Horn, Advisor for Student Leadership, Executive Vice- President for Board Members, and the Student Activities Coordinator for Council Membership.

She helps with the student leadership and helps them find the resources they need, she also helps find tutors. If you have any questions about student leadership, tutoring, etc, email her at :  . She will either answer them or direct you to where you need to go to find your answer.

Then we were introduced to two of the representatives for the SLC:

Karman Roche, Executive Assistant, she works with the president and attends the meetings.

Marta Nuñez, Community Outreach Director, she chairs with events task force meetings, and she is most passionate about lowering the cost of textbooks.

There are 17 total representatives, you can find these job titles and what they do on the  LBCC website, Click the tab that says Current Students, then go down to Involvement, click on Student Life and Leadership, then click on  SLC current officers.

Want to get involved? Go into their office which is at the student union, you can also attend a meeting they are all public. You can attend conferences, they contain administrative information, councils and committees; it is a good place to go to gain some knowledge about how the school works. .That way you can get an idea if you want to join.  If you have any questions or concerns go to their office and they will be able to help you.

Get LBlive it is an app that people can post their concerns, questions, or knowledge, they also have the ‘commons’ menu up so you don’t have to venture all the way to the cafeteria.

October 30, 2017-- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208

November 6, 2017-- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208

November 13, 2017-- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208

November 20, 2017 -- Last Class-- 4:00 - 4:50 PM, NSH 208 




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