Contact Information
4780 or 5107
Office: Advising Center, T-101 or BC-222B
Office Hours:
Mon. Albany 9-3:30 pm
Tue. Albany 9-3:30 pm
Wed. Benton Center 9-3:30 pm
Thur. Albany 9-3:30 pm
Fri. not on campus

Jan Fraser Hevlin – Advising Center

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If you would like to schedule an advising appointment please use this link



Students in DG International may also use the same link above to schedule a 30 minute appointment online. Every DG student needs to schedule an appt. as a requirement for this class.

If your schedule doesn't fit with the available appointments, please stop by the Advising Center or call 541 917 4780 to make an appt. 

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