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Sandra Shinkle – Advising Center

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About me: 

I teach Career and Life Planning, Career Exploration, and Destination Graduation. Career counseling and advising services are available to my assigned advisees through the Advising Center.   My teaching style is a combination of lecture, short videos, and small and large group discussion.  On most days you will be exposed to new concepts, and have the opportunity to test your learning and explore new ideas with your  classmates. My role is to help each student connect with their passion and  choose a  major/career path that is realistic and the best possible fit for their interests,  values, and life goals. 

Advising and Appointments


Due to public health concerns, I am working remotely from home and available to meet with you by phone. When meeting by phone, please have another electronic device available to access your student accounts. Please note that my call may show as an anonymous caller ID.

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If none of the times on the schedule work for you, or if they are too far in the future, please contact the Advising Center office at 541-917-4780 or you can email or chat at

About LBCC's values:

At LBCC, our values are so important to us that we talk about them frequently, and infuse them into everything we do.   Our most prominent values include: excellence, opportunity, inclusiveness, learning, and engagement. I strive to bring those values to my work every day.

HD 208 Career and Life Planning

This course is designed to help you make a confident career choice based on interests, work style preferences, values, workplace environment, labor market conditions, and more.  You will gain self-knowledge that will help you to prepare for your future role as a new professional. Creating a Career Readiness Plan is a vital piece of this course. At the conclusion of this class, you will have developed a blueprint to complete your education, understand how to successfully compete for a job in your chosen career, and know how to meet employer expectations in order to keep the job that you have prepared for! Your grade will be based on participation/attendance, daily homework, and two term papers


HD 140 Career Exploration

This course is designed to help students confidently choose their major or program of study according to their values, interests, and strengths. Possible careers are explored through self-assessments, online research tools, lecture, videos, and guest speakers. Students will choose a major and identify a variety of career choices that may be a fit. Grades are based on participation/attendance, homework, and 2 term papers


 HD 120 Destination Graduation

This is a college success course designed to get you off to the right start.  You will learn about college resources and success strategies that will strengthen your ability to complete your college goals.


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