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Mark Weiss – Psychology/DG Instructor

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        Syllabus for HD 120, Destination Graduation.

        Mark Weiss: weissm@linnbenton.edu


Location: Benton Center, room 205

Time: 1:30, Thursdays 


 April 4

Topic: Introductions, Student Success, Syllabus


April 11

 Homework Due: Written reflection on one success technique and why it will be helpful to you. 

Topic Services scavenger hunt/Moodle/Webrunner


April 18

Homework Due: Written reflection on one challenge you face in coming to college and which college service will help you with that challenge. 

Topic: Values Clarification 


April 25

Homework Due: Written reflection... What personal value is causing you to want to go to college right now?

Topic: Goal Setting 


May 2

Homework Write up one goal, with steps and target dates for those steps.

Topic: Time Management


May 9    

Homework Due:Written reflection on one Time Management Technique and why it will be helpful to you. 

Topic: Stress Management


May 16   We will meet in B-206 for this class session

Homework Due: Write up one stress management technique and tell me why it will be helpful to you.

Topic: Scholarships and Career testing. 


May 23

Homework Due: Look into applying for one scholarship and write a reflection on the experience.

Topic: Degrees and Satisfactory Academic Progress.


May 30

Homework Due: A copy of your Education Plan, signed by your advisor.

Topic: Growth Mindset


June 6

Homework Due: A copy of your registration for winter quarter.

Topic: Multiple Intelligence Theory


                  Special Notes, PLEASE READ 

Reflection Papers: Only need to be two or three paragraphs long. They may be turned in by email, if you prefer. Send to weissm@linnbenton.edu

 Student Success: In this class a passing grade is based on three things: Attendance, turning in the assignments, and turning in an Education Plan that is signed by your advisor (You cannot pass the class without an Ed Plan). 

Text: The text for this class is available at the bookstore and costs a little less than ten dollars. Although we will not be following the text in order, we will be using some of the assignments, and this little book has a ton of good information for students in it. So I recommend you buy it, but I do not require it.

 Students With Disabilities: The Center for Accessibility Resources provides reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and auxiliary aids, to ensure that qualified students with disabilities have access to classes, programs, and events at LBCC. Students are responsible for requesting accommodations in a timely manner. To receive appropriate accommodations from LBCC, please give the Center for Accessibility Resources advance notice of your disability and specific needs, as some accommodations take days to weeks to have in place. Contact the Accessibility coordinator in RCH-105, 6500 SW Pacific Blvd. Albany, Or. 97321. or call 541-917-4789, or use Telecommunications Relay TDD at 1-800-735-2900 or 1-800-735-1232.

 Student Instructional Services: There are instructional support services at the Learning And Career Center (Counseling, Career Services, Scholarship help, testing, study desks, computers for student use, arrangements for CFAR meetings), the Writing Help Desk, and the Math Help desk. They are all located at the top of the stairs at Benton Center. 

Counseling Services: Counselors are available in the Advising Center in Takena Hall at the Albany Campus; and at the Learning and Career Center at Benton Center, in Corvallis.

Personal Services: Any student who has difficulty affording groceries or food, or who lacks a safe and stable place to live, is urged to contact a Student Resource Navigator in the Single Stop Office (T-112): Amanda Stanley, stanlea@linnbenton.edu, 541-917-4877. The navigator can connect students to resources. Furthermore, please talk with your instructor if you are comfortable doing so. This will enable them to provide any resources that they may have.

Statement of Inclusion: The LBCC community is enriched by diversity. Everyone has the right to think, learn, and work together in an environment of respect. tolerance, and goodwill. We will work toward creating a community without prejudice, intimidation, or discrimination.

Contact me at any time at  weissm@linnbenton.edu 

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